Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shivgange Trip

Went for a trek to Shivgange on Saturday, courtesy Mensa India (Bangalore). Supposed to be a picnic, more like a walk in the park, but turned out to be quite an adventure with fighting off ravaging monkeys, climbing impossible inclines, hanging on to handrails and what not. However, considering that it was a Mensa crowd, we had no dearth of interesting topics to fight on ... and that made the journey extremely fun.

Blues, browns & greens!

A green carpet

Stairway to heaven

To steal a phrase - a lot of bull ;-)

Spotlight from above

There are lots of monkeys on Shivgange. Pic of some intrepid Mensans.

Monkey see, monkey do.

On top of the world... er ... Bangalore, at least

If the Titanic could have flown, a picture would have looked like this!

Rock 'n roll


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  2. Fantastic photos! This is such a great place to visit. For sure you had a great time during your trip to Bangalore, one of India's pride! Can't get enough of the view...so cool..so enticing!
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