Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photo of the Day

We celebrated Onam in Purva Riviera on Saturday, 13th September (Onam was on 12th) with a traditional pookkalam (floral rangoli) competition, and this picture is from my photographs for that day. The remaining photographs can be viewed on my Picasa Web Album. You can also view a slideshow of the pictures here:

Onam is a traditional festival of Kerala with two significances - it is a harvest festival and a harbinger of spring, it is also a festival to celebrate the return of mythical king Mahabali. From WikiPedia: "During Onam, the feast and festive mood of the people, dressed in their best, is considered reminiscent of the prosperous and truthful life of the subjects during Bali's flawless reign. People wear new clothes (Vastra) during Onam. The 'Vastra' also stands for heart. Thus the significance of wearing new clothes is about making the heart new by removing all bad thoughts and feelings. People forgetting their sectarian outlooks, join together to welcome the auspicious 'Thiruvonam' day."


  1. Pamela11:13 PM

    Excellent photography done on Onam as well on kumarakom at kerala.

    Can you tell me please where is this purva riviera so that if my situation favours I can visit once during onam in future to see this floral rangoli.

  2. @Pamela - Purva Riviera is the apartment complex where I live in Bangalore. This is the first year we had the Onam celebration, not sure if this will be a regular function.