Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sravanabelagola, Belur Trip with JCD

We went on a team outing to Sravanabelagola, Belur & Halebid on 5th Feb 2009 with Jean-Claude Ducrocq, the intent of the trip was to showcase some of the rich cultural heritages of Karnataka to JCD. Making him walk bare-foot over hot rocks was quite unintentional and had nothing what so ever to do with the outcome of the proposed sale of GGE.

At the end of the steep climb (500 steps) up to Sravanabelagola

Statue of Gomateswara, 50ft high and carved off a single block of granite

Details of the intricate stone work at Belur

Standing L to R: Ambresh, Gangji, Jean-Claude, Sendhil, Pradeep, Venkat

View of the temple gopura from within

The GGE SolDel BSP-MM team with JCD. L to R: Sendhil, Benson, Pradeep, Gangji, Vipul, Ambresh, Venkat, JCD (holding the wood carving we had gifted him) & me. The only team member missing is Naveen, who was elsewhere making history of his own.

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