Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bhutan - Trip Planning

I'm planning to visit Bhutan from 19th to 30th of Sep. Pradyot is doing all the organization, I'm just showing up!

Planned Itinerary
Day 01:/Sep 19: Arrive Paro
Day 02/Sep 20: Paro - TAKTSANG (Tiger's Nest) hike
Day 03/Sep 21: Paro / Thimphu (55 km, 2 hours)
Day 04 /Sep 22: Thimphu - Punakha. (77 km. 3 hours. 1350m)
Day 05/Sep 23: Punakha CAMPING
Day 06/Sep 24: Punakha – Trongsa. (128 km. 5 hours.2200m)
Day 07/Sep 25: Trongsa - Bumthang. (68 km. 2 hours. 2600-+m)
Day 08/Sep 26: Bumthang
Day 09/Sep 27: Excursion to URA Valley
Day 10/Sep 28: Bumthang – Thimphu
Day 11/Sep 29: Thimphu - Paro (FESTIVAL) Tschechu)
Day 12/Sep 30: Return to Kolkata

Interestingly, Bhutan measures Gross National Happiness (GNH) as opposed to GDP and as per Business Week rating in 2006, is rated as the happiest nation in Asia and the eighth happiest in the world.


A very high resolution version (6 MB+) is available here.


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