Monday, May 19, 2008

EBC: En route - May 14 (Pangboche) to May 16 (Phakding)

This is page 4 of my EBC trek report. Navigate through overview page.

May 14: Pangboche to Namche

Porters carry incredible amounts of load up & down very steep paths, like this guy with around 10 planks of plywood.

Helicopter flying overhead

At Thyangboche

Thyangboche monastery

Nice place for a cup of tea

Entrance to Thyangboce after Namche climb

The entire trail is extremely dusty

A wooden bridge for a change ...

This gentleman was resting and feeding biscuit crumbs to the birds

Distances are very deceptive in the mountains, what might seem like 20 minutes walk could turn out to be 2 hours of strenuous trek.

Musk deers on the mountain slope

May 15: Namche to Phakding

Anu sherpa, such an amazing gentleman. He gave all of us a Buddhist stole.

Green fields near Jorsalle, what a sight for sore eyes!

Jorsalle where the Sagarmatha park permits are issued/checked

These two gentlemen were playing some kind of game with small pebbles

Houses started having flower gardens again

Spring onions

Neat, organized kitchen in Phakding

Moonrise over mountains

Samit made the sword & butterfly wings for these sweet kids. The little boy kept prodding everyone along at the end of his "sword point"

May 16: Phakding to Lukla

Yeti resorts - no, we did not stay here

Prayer wheels, many of them are turned automatically by water wheels driven by small streams

You always walk to the left of the prayer rocks. I have seen porters ignore this and walk on the right side at hard stretches. Can't blame them.

Houses are constructed of stone & wood

This was one of the most scary bridges, the planks were decayed and with holes.

See the full size version to spot the helicopter about to land at Lukla

Such a big tree after a long time. The height of trees kept on reducing as we went up.

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